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Data: 2015-04-28

An LED flood light is basically a group of your main colored LED (Light Emitting Diodes) that emit light at certain amounts of Lumens and can display a nice solid color of light that can add ambiance to any location. LED flood lights can be used independently or can be hooked up in series to display an array of colors and display patterns. A single LED flood light maybe all you need to light up an entire room and in some cases you can program it too slowly change colors giving the room a certain sense of mood. Many businesses from art galleries, upscale dining, to private clubs, night clubs, bars, etc are adding flare to their locations by purchasing LED flood lights. An LED flood light is nearly indestructible thanks to the low heat emitting LED diodes that have an amazingly long life span and consume much less energy than say a incandescent or even fluorescent bulb. The great thing about an LED is the fact that it can handle constant on/off punishment that would obliterate incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

RGB LED flood light makes color changing atmospheres
An RGB LED flood light can display several different colors, in fact it can display several thousand different hues thank to good ol’ Red, Green, and Blue. Being like the main three pixels of an LCD screen these colors can work at different intensities to make different colors appear in a smooth light across the entire wall. If you look at a few of the different styles of an RGB LED flood light you will notice that they can be connected to work in unison with one another there for making large wall spans light up in unison or if you plan to run the lights on more than one wall or all walls.

What does an entry level RGB LED flood light have to offer?
Your entry level RGB LED flood light usually lacks the options of your professional grade wall washer yet we have managed to find some under one hundred dollars from a company that goes by MT-S. The options are as follows:

RGB Color Mixing of up to a 256 Gray Scale or Single color 5 Channels DMX512
31 Preset Programs
Oxidized Aluminum, Die-casting Cover construction
RGB color mixing or single color powerful
High precision Constant Current Adapter
Digital Display
Waterproof: IP 65
Easy for installation and maintenance
Solid-state = high shock resistance and vibration resistance
Lower overall power consumption = energy saving
No UV radiation
No mercury = no Haz-Mat disposal or harmful material handling
Higher end models can add:
DMX Control

Each Liner LED flood light comes with embedded DMX512 protocol and 2 Input/Output XRL-DMX Connectors. Units can be daisy-chained to other units enabling them to run the same program seamlessly. Unit includes weatherproof sealing tape, in order to weatherproof all the DMX connections. There are a variety of simple and complex DMX controls available.

Auto Program
Liner LED flood light includes the auto program function, which enables the unit to run predefined internal programs, if an external DMX Control system is not available.

Amongst the functions available in auto-program mode are the following:
Single color selection or several colors available: White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan; Magenta

9 Brightness levels for single colors
Fading able with 7 colors, and speed adjustability
Program with single color/moving colors
Die Cast aluminum body:
This unit can withstand hard abuse. Its tempered front glass, can withstand great impacts without chipping or breaking.
Pivotal Support System
Liners can be angled 180º to achieve the right wash look due to the adjustable angle system.
Liner Wall washers are UL listed therefore offering the greatest quality at an affordable price without using contaminant components, which greatly deteriorate our environment.

What all are my applications for an RGB LED flood light?
The number of applications for an LED flood light are pretty much limit less but to help you out we have put together a list of some of the more practical ways to utilize a RGB LED flood light.

Applications include:
Bars, Restaurants, Clubs, Night Clubs, Hotels, Stages, Dealerships, Amphitheaters,
Roads, Bridge, Historical sites, Historical and Modern buildings, Museums, Art galleries, Sculptures and Yard arts, AD board, Architectural lighting, Garden, Street, Plaza, Courtyard, etc.
These or any area that may need high power outdoor LED decoration lighting. If you would like to learn more about LED flood lights or an RGB LED flood light than please click on our other articles and affiliates.

Outdoor LED flood light products
Setting ambiance in the outdoors can be tough sometimes therefore the need for an outdoor LED flood light is needed. Outdoor LED flood lights are designed to be water proof with low energy consumption, wrap this in with long life expectancy and you have a winning combination that can add flare to any home, business, or banquet. The amount of uses for an LED flood light is immeasurable. Whether you’re looking for a lighting system to light the outside walls of your house or lighting that can attract customers to your bar, restaurant, or club, the simple fact that an LED flood light can achieve that. We as humans can be like bugs at times where we get a sense of belonging if the atmosphere is welcoming. Somehow we attract to these places cause they are lit and inviting not dark a dreary. It is the best way to grab roadside attention to let the drives and the walkers know that you are open for business.

Ideas for an outdoor LED flood light
Adding a few or just one outdoor LED flood light can also give your business the look that none of the others have. Outdoor LED flood lights are a great way to spotlight something of interest on the walls as well whether it is a work of art or simply the entrance. If you have any reflecting artifacts like crystal chandeliers or clear bead rows that hang down or white curtains or drapes, they will reflect the light of the LED flood light to make for a spectacular display of sorts. If you have a band that needs lighting than you can even get a battery powered wall washer that can be placed anywhere and can help light up the bands space. What’s a well added benefit is the fact that an LED flood light does not emit a lot of heat, especially not as much as an incandescent or halogen light. Since the energy consumption is so much lower on an LED flood light they can stay battery powered for multiple hours on a few AA batteries which are great for bands and outdoor events. A standard power outdoor LED flood light is made of none deteriorating material that stays waterproof and all the glass covering and inlets are O-ring sealed to ward of moisture from the outside elements.

Outdoor LED flood light – Stepping up your event
If you want or plan to take your event to the next level that consider an outdoor LED flood light. With low heat, low energy consumption, and an array of different colors emitted, you can change the whole ambiance of the event. The outdoor LED flood light can be hooked in series (some models) and therefore programmed to work in unison with one another or create multiple effects that take several of them to achieve. Once they are set up your attendees will certainly approve. If you would like to learn more about all things of outdoor LED flood light than please check out our other articles and affiliates.

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