Advantages and Benefits of LED High Bay Lights

Data: 2015-04-28

Instead of mimicking common fluorescent and HID forms, LED lighting fixture are uniquely designed to maximize the optics, heat management, and lifetimes of rigorously tested LEDs. As a result, high bay lighting, low bay lighting, and aisle lighting applications are superior to traditional lighting sources such as metal halide, T5HO fluorescent, HID, Induction, and high pressure sodium fixtures in many areas.

Additional benefits include:

High Efficacy: High bay LED lighting, low bay LED lighting and aisle LED lighting fixtures deliver high efficacies or lumens per watt. Some of our models deliver over 100 lumens per watt!
Energy Efficient: Our fixtures require minimal energy to operate and operate coolly, delivering savings of up to 70% on energy costs.

Controllable: Unlike traditional sources, control such as dimming and on/off with occupancy sensors has no negative effect on the lifetime of our high bay LED, low bay LED and aisle lighter LED fixtures.

Long Lifetimes: A fixture's L70 lifetime is the number of hours of operation at which the light output of the LEDs has decreased to 70% of initial output. Essentials fixtures have 92.3% lumen maintenance at 70,000 hours (77°F/25°C ambient) and an L70 predicted life of more than 200,000 hours.

Extremely Low Maintenance: Our fixtures are backed by an industry-leading 5-year warranty. They require virtually no maintenance for the lifetime of the fixture.

No Bulb Disposal/Storage Fees: Our fixtures include no mercury or hazardous materials that require special disposal methods. And because of their long lifetimes, our fixtures do not require bulb storage practices common to HID or fluorescent fixtures.

Instant On: No warm-up period is required.

These marvelous pieces of LED lighting sure do need to have great advantages and benefits if they are to have seen the success they’ve received so far. Let’s explore both.

•You get to say that you are part of an initiative that’s destined to help save the Earth from harmful carbon-emitting pollutants. LED high bay lights have seen many thumbs going up in this regard, customer and manufacturer alike.
•Whereas your everyday common bulbs used to feed off so much electricity LED high bay lights take only the barest necessities to function like a charm. You can better understand this when you know that only 10 Watts of power is the amount used, which is incredibly less, about 60% of what ordinary light bulbs use. Such energy-efficiency is key to long-term functioning.
•In addition to an electric bill that, impossibly, brings a smile to your face, you even save a lot of money in other ways with LED high bay lights. Without any of that over-heating hassles faced with normal bulbs, these lights exhibit none of that and they still boast a uniform light evenly-distributed illumination.
•Because they’re raised and fixed from a high vantage point, these LEDs have more allocated illumination, which means that they shed light on a wide expanse of space instead of limiting themselves to a narrow illumination radius.
•It isn’t true when some people say that LED high bay lights are more expensive than ordinary lights. In fact, no LED can boast a high price, because that’s just not the way it is. Unless, of course you purchase specialized bulbs, which compensate for that cost with durability. LED high bay lights are affordable and the materials going into their making are what add to the expense, but overall they have a great cost total, compared to the efficiency it brings along.
•Maintenance and alteration are kept to a marked minimum. This is due to the fact that LED high bay lights, being installed in high places, like roofs and ceilings, mostly in warehouses and large companies, cannot be seen to have problems with alterations too often. Otherwise, it only adds to the woes of the ones buying them. Because they’re LEDs, they can afford to let you take it easy in this regard. Running superbly well for 50,000 hours, and being turned on for a long time before you close shop for the day, is no mean feat!

Let’s take a look at the benefits of LED high bay lights. These benefits are basically what set these lights apart from other normal light bulbs and their fixtures.
•They are flicker-free, meaning you get none of those ‘tube light’ effects when you turn these on. The same applies to when they are turned off, and you get no degeneration or trouble with such speedy reactions.
•Overheating is out of the question with these lights. They come built to keep from doing that, thereby saving people who handle them burns or shocks due to short-circuiting from the heat increase.
• There is notably less light distortion, which serves to reduce worker/operator tiredness and fatigue, which is quite probable when other lighting than LEDs are in use.
•You get very low build-up of static with these lights.
•Light is uniform and crystal clear in emission intensity.
•They last longer, requiring less taking care of, and they are also quite energy efficient.

With such amazing advantages and benefits for LED high bay lights, it’s no wonder so many people place their trust in them. You can see for yourself the value and durability you get when you use these LEDs. Besides this, they also give you some of the best benefits in the world of lighting, like affordability, environmental friendliness and more.

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