Advantages of High Bay LED Lighting in Warehouses

Data: 2015-04-28

There are plenty of options for lighting in warehouses, but one style that’s becoming increasingly popular is high bay LED (light-emitting diode) lighting. High bay LED lamps aren’t just common in warehouses, but in any facility or venue containing high ceilings and requiring illumination of 15 or more feet. Aside from warehouses, sports arenas, gymnasiums, loading docks and other industrial facilities are other popular venues for this style of lighting.

What makes high bay LED lighting a better option than other options like fluorescent and CFLs (compact fluorescent lights)? Here’s a closer look.

The #1 Advantage: Energy Savings
It all starts with energy efficiency – and that’s one big advantage that high bay LED lighting has over other types of lighting. Specifically, these lights use less power than other lighting styles, and it’s not uncommon for facilities to save as much as 80% on electric bills compared to lighting alternatives – potentially even more, if this lighting is combined with smart sensors.
Cost savings, however, is just one big benefit. There are many others.

Long-lasting & Cool
High bay LED lights last up to 10 times longer than CFL and fluorescent lights. And when they are turned on, they don’t emit any heat. This isn’t just a safety advantage over other types of lights, but because they don’t generate heat, it also saves on cooling costs. In fact, it’s estimated that facilities can save up to 20% on utilities bills, as high bay LEDs will decrease the need for air conditioning.

Durability & Sight Advantages
We already told you how high bay LEDs are long-lasting, but they’re also very durable – durable to the point where they’re pretty much damage-proof and essentially maintenance-free. Simply put, these lights don’t bust easily.

LED is also easier on the eyes. Turn on a fluorescent light and it’s bound to flicker – at least, for a little while. Turn on a high bay LED lamp, and you’ll get the light you want immediately. In fact, turn it on and off as often as you want – you won’t notice any problems or flickering.

Better Light Uniformity
It is a fact that LED lighting distributes light better than others. In fact, many report an 8% increase in light uniformity with high bay LED lighting compared to others. Other benefits of high bay LED lighting compared to fluorescent and CFL lights include lesser light distortion and minimal static buildup.

One of the main sticking points to installing high bay LEDs in the likes of warehouses is their higher up-front costs. But when you factor in things like energy savings and their lifespan, high bay LED lighting is clearly worth the investment.

LED high bay light as svled lighting one of the main product. LED high bay light market in a few years ushered in the new period, the state of green environmental protection is also very seriously, now just svled have the characteristics of high bay light. So got promoted, and LED high bay light will also continue to improve and perfect, in order to better spread to every field of society.

1.Price: The price of LED bulbs relatively expensive, compared with incandescent light bulb, the price of a LED with the incandescent lamp's price is quite a few, and usually lights in each group should be composed of 300 ~ 500 on diode.

2.Voltage: LED energy-saving lights use the low voltage power supply, power supply voltage between 6 to 24 v, and varies according to the product, so it is a safer than using high voltage power supply, power supply, especially suitable for public places.

3.Response time: Its response time of millisecond incandescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamps, response time in nanoseconds.

4.Efficiency: Compared with incandescent lamp lighting energy consumption reduced by 80%.

5.Stability: 100000 hours, droop for 50% of the original.

6.Applicability: Small, each unit of LED is 3 to 5 mm square dice, so can be prepared into various shapes of the device, and is suitable for variable environment.

7.Mercury pollution to the environment: No harmful metal.

8.Service life: In our market of lamps and lanterns, LED high bay light are almost all use high quality aluminum alloy materials for the production of lamps and lanterns of the shell, the strength of the aluminum alloy is higher, all aspects of the performance is stable, therefore, after long-term use will not face the phenomenon of deformation, the surface is after a high voltage electrostatic pensu processing, makes the surface of lamps and lanterns is feels comfortable, long service life.

9.Safety performance: Considering the particularity of lamps and lanterns use place, we in the production of LED high bay light, have adopted a special explosion-proof structure design, and use to make the lamps and lanterns of toughened glass chimney, and through the die casting process of production, makes the performance of the LED high bay light of manufactured goods is stable, has a certain explosion-proof performance, use rise very convenient, high safety coefficient.

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