Professional LED Street light Manufacturer based in Shenzhen China, High power LED
Street light, COB LEDs ,and CREE LEDs , Integrated with Meanwell Drivers , Offering 3-5 years warranty
Solar LED street light operating at DC12V/24V used with Solar panels, Contact us NOW for Best solutions

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Dedicate To Manufacture Outdoor LED Lights Since 2008, Led Street Light LED Flood Light, Adopt Osram 3030 LEDs & Cree XTE LEDs,Lens transmission more than 93%,Power Efficiecy more than 91%, Luminous efficiency up to 110Lumens/watt,Reliable,UL driver & meanwell driver Optional

Supernova Our solution

Advanced technology Phase-changing thermal management material now is to improve the lifespan of light-emitting diode LEDs used for LED high bay light & LED industrial lights, by changing phase during use to more efficiently transfer heat away from devices.
With the soldering juntion temperature controlled under a desirable below 78 degrees,High power efficiency more than 91% to generate enough useful power for LED Diodes,High LENS transmission up to 93% which reduce the light loss,Final Luminous Efficiecy more than 110Lm/watt

About Supernova

SHENZHEN SUPERNOVA TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is leading LED outdoor light manufacturer & supplier was established in 2008 with more than 220 employees that is located in the fast growing city Shenzhen China. Our company began manufacture LED floodlight & LED high bay light at the early development during 2008-2011. With development and experience accumulation, Now we mainly focus on outdoor led street light manufacturing, Meanwhile provide OEM & ODM services for customers to manufacture finished products and semi finished products. with strong enthusiastic and passionate R&D team of professionals with years of experience on LED lighting technology and products, which can guarantee its best quality

High Brightness, High Efficiency, High quality

Adopt Osram and Philips 3030 High brightness LEDs and CREE XTE LEDS for the LED street light, which can reach 140Lumens per watt for the street LED modules, while The luminous efficiency can be 110-120Lumens on the led street light Adopt TOP 5 brand local Shenzhen LED drivers UL listed which ensure the lifespan and stability as the heart of the whole led street light, Meanwell HLG series LED driver is Optional for harsh environment working temperature reach up to 60degrees Advanced Phase change technology for the best heat dissipation,The street light LED module surface temperature is under 78 degrees ,which the soldering junction temperature is Under 65Degrees, Guarrantee the lifespan up to 50,000 hours LED street light best solution for Harsh environment, Adopt CREE XTE LEDs ,which the LED chips can work under tough environment with high temperature, Together integrated with Meanwell HLG LED drivers, light decay is less than 3% within first 5,000hours,

What’s New?

We are Focusing LED outdoor led light solutions,LED street light and LED flood light, Osram & Philips LEDs 50-300Watt,CREE XTE LEDS available,integrated with UL listed & Meanwell LED drivers ensure its Long lifespan ,which can work under harsh environment.

Light efficiency can reach 110-120 Lumens New Arrival Osram LED module street light,Heatsink,LED light source,Driver large quantities in stock to ensure its prompt delivery, Contract us NOW!

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